Saturday, May 3, 2008

EZ Delight!

I finished my first ever Elizabeth Zimmerman project!

Here it is in progress....

Actually I finished it a few weeks ago. It's taken me until now to post about it. Here it is, my first February Cardigan.

The yarn is a hand dyed mystery yarn given to me for Christmas by Zena. It feels to me like merino because of it's bounciness. I think it works really well with this pattern. The lace pattern softens any colour pooling that might be going on. The cardigan is is shown here with a pair of "Magic Slippers". These were really fun and quick to knit, great for leftover yarn. Don't ask me who these are for. Surely someone will have a girl one of these days!

Before buying this book I had never read an EZ pattern before and boy was I missing out! She's a hoot, mad in a perfectly good way. I was sitting on the lounge reading the book like it was a novel, occasionally having a chuckle to myself. Chi Wai and Brian were having a hard time understanding how I could find a knitting book so amusing. I tried reading bits out to them, but they didn't get it. Non-knitters, humph!

I loved knitting the cardigan and love the finished result. I'm going to try a second one but modify it to make it more boyish, maybe with some cabling or something. A big thanks to the February Cardigans of Knitabulous and RandomKnits for inspiring this knit.

In other knitting news, I am nearing completion on a Phiaro Scarf. My main motivation for knitting this scarf was to try out the yarn. It's called Oasis by the Southwest Trading Company and it is 100% Soysilk. In ball form it didn't live up to my expectations, but now that it has been knitted up, I can see why people gush over it. The drape is just gorgeous. This is knitted in a big tube before you cast off and drop the stitches. Really, really mindless knitting, so much that I manage to get up quite a bit of speed whilst knitting it. I think I have delevolped a RSI in my left hand and it has been sore even when I'm not knitting. Everyday I say to myself "I won't knit tonight to give my hand a break" and every night, there I am knitting. Pretty sad really.

Here's the culprit!

Last night I finished the tube of pain and now I can start casting off and dropping stitches. All of those stitches that have caused me such pain! I'll get my revenge yet. Heh heh heh!