Saturday, March 29, 2008

One Disaster After Another

One week exactly after we got back to Abu Dhabi from Australia, Zena, Mark, Archie and Sam arrived to visit us. We were so excited to have them coming to stay with us, so that we could show them what life is like over here, show them all the new things that we have seen.

From the moment their plane landed however, things started to go wrong. I'm not going to go into too many details, but we had everything from sick babies, missing baby seats, food poisoning, hot water burns, nappy explosions and all of us had at least one day where we felt like absolute cr@p. I just know in years to come we are going to look back on this holiday and laugh! Right?

Despite the mishaps we still managed to have a reasonably good time. Needless to say though, any plans we made went straight out the window. Heres some pictures.

Sam and I at Mall of the Emirates.

Out side Madinat Jameira with the Burj Al Arab in the background.

Zena and I at the top of Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain.

Chi Wai and Archie.

After all that, there were tears at the airport (from me) as we waved them off to the UK. I hope they are having a great time and are not too cold!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I'm out of breath from everything that has been happening lately and I haven't had time to blog. Consequently, I have plenty to update you all on. A warning, this is a photo heavy post. So here goes.......

Three weeks ago we had our flying visit back to Australia to go to our friends' wedding. We left Abu Dhabi on the Thursday, arrived in Sydney on Friday morning (7am!), were back at the airport on Monday and back at work bleary eyed on Tuesday. That amounted to about 3 and a half days in Sydney, and boy did we do a lot!

We were met at the airport by my BF's Alison and Zena with the twins in tow. I got to have my first cuddle and I have to say they are just the cutest little things! Sam has a bright red Mohawk and Archie has the most gorgeous big blue eyes.

After a quick shower back at Zena's we headed off to the city to meet my mum (who flew down from Queensland for one night to see me, thanks Mum!), my aunt Didi and my grandmother, Nanny for lunch in the Queen Victoria Building. There was lot's of cuddles, presents and girly giggles. Here's some photos.....

Here's Nanny having a cuddle with Archie.

Now it's Mum's turn.

The girls.

And Chi Wai and I having a cuddle and a cuppa!

That night we went to a Spanish restaurant in Darlinghurst for Tapas, Paella and Sangria. We got to catch up with more special friends, Norman and Stephen, Linh, Martin, MJ and Kayne, and Al's partner in crime AJ brought up Ruby and Dalton too. There are no photos sorry. We were too busy with the sangria and the two bottles of Moet that we bought duty free. So good to catch up with good friends.

On Saturday it was the wedding of our friends Sylvia and Darren. They have been together for 16 years so the slogan for the day was "Hitched at Last!". The ceremony was in a park up high overlooking one of the Northern Beaches of Sydney (Queenscliff area) and the weather was stunning.

Some snaps from the ceremony.....

Location, location, location.

Good friends (Jason and Shino (newly expecting), me (der!), Mel and Mike (about to pop!) and Richard (happy being fat, well so he tells me!).

Getting hitched!

Chi Wai and I with the happy couple.

The reception was at a Chinese restaurant at the Esplanade in Manly which was also fabulous. This was the view from the restaurant. No bad eh? Tee hee!

Lastly, here are some snaps from the reception.

We had such a great time. I'm glad we made the trip over for it.

The next day we hit the Marigold in Chinatown for Yum Cha. At this point I think I was running completely on adrenalin! We had such a big group, about 30 of us, it was great, although I have to apologize for not getting to spend enough time with everyone.

My aunt Didi and uncle Peter came with my cousin Christopher and his girlfriend Kat.

Some of the knitting girls were there too! Donna and Ailsa made the trip up from Wollongong and Cambletown just to see me! Aren't I lucky. Here they are (left to right) Donna and Ailsa, with Zena, Alison and Sam.

Here's the rest of the gang.

On a knitting aside, in the bottom centre panel of the collage above is my friend Julie with her new baby, Thomas. I knitted him ribbed baby jacket by Debbie Bliss which I discussed previously here. Here are some finished pics.

That evening a few of us headed back to Chi Wai's brother's place for a relaxing BBQ. Well it was relaxing for me, but I think hard work for Simon and Jenny who put on such an amazing spread. It was nice to be able to spend some quiet time with Chi Wai's family and some close friends. Thank you Simon and Jenny, you guys are amazing.

One thing that I loved about that night was how well the kids played together. Ruby and Dalton had never met MJ and Kayne until two days before and they got along like a house on fire. Apparently Ruby developed a bit of a crush on MJ! Tee hee, so cute!

The following day (Monday) there was just time for one last cuddle before heading off to the airport.

Aw, aren't those boys cute!

It was such an amazing weekend! Special thanks to Zena & Mark and Simon & Jenny for letting us stay with them and to Norman and Stephen for being our event organisers for the weekend. A big thanks to everyone else that came to see us. It was so good to see you, I think it has made me miss everyone more! We love yous all!

Like I said, phew! And I haven't even talked about Zena and Mark's visit last weekend. I think I might break here for a rest and tell that story another day. Be back soon.....