Monday, December 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We've just arrived home from our trip home! That is, we've just arrived back in Abu Dhabi from our trip back to Australia. It's funny having two places that you call home. While we are here we always say "back home" but while we were in Australia we were saying "when we get back home". Weird. Anyway, I digress.....

We had a fantastic time and we saw everybody, well nearly everybody. Get ready for a photo heavy post!

Highlights included (roughly in order of occurrence)......

A lovely wedding in a park in Sydney. (No pics of this one at the request of the happy couple)

Lots of gorgeous bubs (it's like they opened up a factory over there since we left I swear!)

Time in the garden with Nanny....

A day of knitting at my LYS and some of my Wollongong Stitch'n'Bitch pals.

A shop til you drop day with the girls on Oxford Street in Paddington.

Christmas with my Marmy (you know, like in "Little Women").

Spending time with our boy Lionus who now lives with his Grandma (my mum).

I was worried that I wouldn't want to come home (Abu Dhabi home that is), but by the end of our trip I seemed to be okay with it. Now what does that tell you?

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yes I know this has been a long time coming, but due to crazy work and a trip back home (yes, I will tell you all about it soon, I promise!) I've been a bad blogger. Anyway, here goes.

Tah dah! Here they are....

Firstly, here is the lovely Zena, looking stunning in her "Cherry Pie" complete with red ribbon and little brooch.

Zena ended up adding the snaps (or press studs) in between the buttons on the button band and as you can see, she has every reason to be really happy with her effort. The RYC Cashcotton that Zena used was absolutely scrumptious to touch. Yummy. All of the specs and mods for Zena's Cherry can be found in the previous posts here, here and here.

Now for my effort.....

During the finishing stage of this I became a complete perfectionist (which is unsual for me) and grafted the the shoulder seams and grafted on the button and neck bands. I wouldn't bother with that normaly, but I really just wanted to ge the extra mile for this cardigan and I'm really happy with the result.

Here we are together. Aren't we pretty?


Are we feeling proud of ourselves?

You better believe it baby!

PS. You may notice all the lovely yarn stacked up behind us. That's because we were enjoying a wonderful day of knitting at CR & K Daisy Designs in Fairy Meadow, on my recent trip home. What a perfect setting for photographing finished objects, don't you think?