Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey baby!

Yes I know it's been a while but I'm here now!

I'm now 23 weeks pregnant, more than half way, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on this whole pregnancy gig.

Firstly, here is a picture of me showing off my bump!

This photo was taken about four weeks so things have grown quite considerable since then.

I would have to say that I am having what would be considered a good pregnancy. I suffered some mild morning sickness in the first trimester but was still capable of travelling to Australia, then London and Paris within the first 13 weeks of my pregnancy so really I shouldn't complain. So far there have been no real complications apart from being a bit anaemic. I've been sleeping fairly well, no need to get up and pee in the middle of the night, although I am starting to get a bit uncomfortable at the moment. I'm not suffering from any water retention (yet!) which is surprising given how hot it is here now and I seem to have been able to escape many other common pregnancy ailments. My only real complaints would be tiredness and some mild back pain.

Still I wouldn't describe myself as one of those people who loves being pregnant. I'm definitely in this game for the end result. I'm not a process knitter after all! To all the ladies out there who have had difficult pregnancies and then have gone on to do it all again, I salute you!

Apart from the physical side of things, the main thing that I have noticed is how much this has changed my life already. Already my brain is completely occupied with baby stuff! Which pram to buy, thoughts about cleaning out all the cupboards to make room for the baby's stuff, doctors and hospital appointments. I love to read and I am a member of a book club, but I have been having trouble reading anything that isn't related to being pregnant or parenting. Lastly, all of my knitting lately has been baby related. I have been trying really hard not to be one of those people that can only talk about baby stuff, it's always been a thing that has bugged me in the past, but I've got to tell you it is really hard, and I fear that despite my effort I am failing miserably! Big apologies to all of you that have had to put up with me going on, and on, and on.......

Speaking of going on and on, at this point I feel like I'm ready for it all to be finished and the baby to be here. He's kicking me everyday now and both Chi Wai and I are anxious to meet our little guy. Still, I have four months to go and really we do need some more time to get ready. There are still so many things to buy! It's a great marketing racket I assure you, but we have been sucked in like all the rest. At this stage we have bought a pram which we managed to get at nearly 50% off which was a bonus, and some baby clothes. I have been trying to be restrained with the baby clothes because everyone keeps telling me how quickly they grow out of things. There are so many cute things though!

Next time: Baby related knitting! See what I mean, I really can't talk about anything else at the moment!


Sydney said...

No worries about going on and on... enjoy these moments, they are precious and anyone who has had a baby before can easily relate to the going on and on (and reminisce with you). :)

Preeti said...

What a cute baby bump:) You're totally allowed to talk about baby this and baby that - all the time!!!! Great that you're really enjoying your pregnancy and getting things ready for your little Man. At least, the crazy nesting stuff hasn't bit you yet - it had me scrubbing the bathroom tiles with a toothbrush!!!

knitabulous said...

Man, look at those assets!

I suggest a bugaboo space station. If you have to push one of the flamin things it may as well be a really awesome one!

Take it from another one who didn't love pregnancies but LOVED newborn babies - the journey is totally worth it.

I am v v v excited for you Charmaine.

(Sorry about the jacaranda avenue yarn, you were supposed to get the orange as a gift! Also explains why I had a spare skein of the Jacaranda and didn't know why. I'll sort something else out for your soon. EEK!)


Hey I loved that time of anticiption when all you can think about is your baby! I bought way too much but love it! Good news is that they are still wearing most of it! Go bigger and it will last longer!

I didn't care what everyone else thought I wanted my babies so much I talked and talked! Everone loves babies.

The bad news is that I only recently got my reading mojo back as i feel I can let go of the baby books that have dominated my bedside table for the last year. Well apart from the odd pattern books but to be honest I was too tired to concentrate on any thing. Maybe that is twins ! lol xxx