Friday, September 19, 2008

We came, we saw, we knit!

Last weekend was the first ever meeting of the Abu Dhabi Stitch'n'Bitch (we are still discussing what our group's name will be). There were five of us, which I was very happy about. I was worried that I might turn up and be on my own! Unfortunately due to Ramadan, the cafe we planned to meet at was closed, so we had to make do by sitting in the near-empty mall.

Here we are....

From left to right the girls are :- Kundi, Eva, Lindsay and Sydney. Yes, we were sitting the wrong way around, using the back of the bench as a make shift table! Kundi has been knitting since she was 6 years old, Eva (with the fab Baby Surprise Jacket!) is a long time crocheter but started knitting recently with the birth of her son. Linsday is relatively new to knitting but is already producing some amazing work and Sydney is a non-knitter who stumbled on some of our blogs and decided to come along. We have vowed to get her knitting too!

We had such a great afternoon and all of the girls were really nice. It was so nice to meet some fellow knitters and it is definitely going to become a regular thing. Next time there will be coffee and comfortable seating, I promise!

We didn't get a whole lot of knitting done, but I did manage to sew in a few ends on my socks for Nanny.

Pattern: Sweetpea from Knitty
Yarn: Essential Sock Yarn by Knitpicks in Riverbed Multi.

I like the patterning that the increases and decreases make. I think that is was attracted me to the pattern. The slip stitch heel was also interesting. It makes for a slightly thicker fabric in that area.

I'm not altogether happy with this yarn though. It's cheap, so I can't argue with that, but it seems to lack elasticity. These socks have quite a snug fit. Once I get them on my foot, they fit really well, but getting them on is a bit of a task. I'm hoping that my grandmother has slightly skinnier feet than me.

The only modication that I made was to reduce the number of decreases on the toe by half as they were looking a bit too pointy for my liking. The result is quite a short toe, but I think it works.

And just to prove that I actually knit two socks, here's a photo of the pretty effect of the special cast on that this pattern calls for. If you have calves like mine, the effect is kind of lost by the time you put them on, but for ladies with slender legs, the effect is quite nice!


Lindsay said...

that was such a fun day!! i'll bring the tunic to the next meeting to get some opinons on it... see if it's going correctly.

the socks are lovely : D

Katewillknit said...

Congrats on you first meeting!
The socks look great too. The detail of the pattern is really nice.

Hala said...

it would be nice as a group name
"the sand knitters" :)
was your meeting in marina mall?

Preeti said...

Sounds like you had loads of fun, great to see knitting in public happening in the Sandlands!!!!! Yay knitting!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies,
I'm new in Abu Dhabi and pregnant!! Would love to knit something for my baby girl but have no idea where I can buy needles and yarns here. Any suggestions??



Anonymous said...

hi. just seen your posts re knitting,

i have been here in abu dhabi since june this year and like to knit,

i dont have internet acess so fingd it hard to find anything about knitting, think it is great that you have a group going, i would like to come along and have a chat and bring my knitiing of course,

so may try and get to you on the 10th oct in marina mall.


Charmaine said...

Hi Julie,

We'd love for you to come along to our next meeting! We meet 2nd Friday of every month so this would make our next meeting on the 9th of October, not the 10th! I hope you get this message and that we see you there!


Anonymous said...

thank you charmaine,

it is still at 3pm on the friday.

where abouts in the mall is the coffee shop as i dont know many.


Charmaine said...

It is still officially 3pm, but the last few time we have decided to start earlier so as to give us more time. Check out the group blog
a day or two before for any updates. Either way we will be there at 3pm. Carribou Coffee is on the first floor right at the back of the Mall on the right hand side of the Snow Dome section as you approach the Snow Dome. If you can't find it I'm sure the Mall information will be able to help you.

Lana Lanski said...

Im sorry im about 6 years late to the game. Anychance that this group as expanded/continues to meet/knows of a new group?