Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally Phiaro!

Back in May I was complaining of RSI from knitting my Phiaro Scarf. After I did the cast off and drop stitches thang it sat on the back of a chair waiting for the fringe to be plaited and the ends to be sewn in. Eventually I got around to that and I even blocked it and then it sat on the ironing board waiting to be photographed.

Finally, two months later I would like to present the finished Phiaro!

Pattern: Phiaro Scarf by Katie Himmelberg from Knitscene Winter 2007/Spring 2008
Yarn: Oasis by Southwast Trading Company in Chocolate #53 100% Soysilk
Modifications: None

I'm quite happy with it but it has turned out to be very long, perhaps too long. I contemplated cutting off some of the length, but that would mean doing all those plaits again. Noooooo!

Now while this is a scarf, I think that this is a garment that I will actually get to use a lot here. The soysilk is cool on your skin while providing a small amount of additional warmth that is often required in an arctic air conditioning! Yay!


Chery said...

I love it!

Katewillknit said...

It's just lovely. Nice work.

Zena said...

Ooh Pretty!

Lindsay said...

amazing!!! it will be perfect for our too hot/too cold temps : )

Yasmin said...

Just beautiful! Wow!

Ruby Girl said...

It looks amazing, I love it as a scarf too.

knitabulous said...

Oh my god Charmaine that is absolutely gorgeous.

I am completely jealous of this - have never seen the pattern nor the yarn but I LOVE IT.

I am going to order the yarn right now.

knitabulous said...

I might also add that it's a CRIME that you can't put this on ravelry - your pictures are the best of all of them!

Preeti said...

This looks so floaty and lovely, great job!!

verote said...

"hala est en train de faire le meme modele d'echarpe que tienne est magnifique,ca donne envie d'essayer si les explications sont en francais!!!"

verote said...

je n'arrive pas a trouver les explications en francais dommage car elle est il est tres beau ce foulard.mais je vais m'arranger avec hala

clayartindy said...

I fell in love with the pattern when I first saw it. Bought the book first, found the yarn about a year later at a local knit store at 50% off.
I kept the project in the car and kept working on it whenever I was at a doctor's office, bank drive through, and vet's office. It is surely a long, long project and you get to be bored with it but outcome is just priceless. Yours look very beautiful. I wish mine comes out pretty as yours.
Any tips on how to finish the project? I just finished knitting but I heard it takes forever to braid the ends.
Any tips you can give me will be greatly appreciated.